What you should know about Bordeaux mastiffs?

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Beneath the intimidating looks Bordeaux mastiff is a sweet, loving dog. It is affectionate and so attached to family. Owing to extreme courage and it is such good watch dog. It’s sheer size and strength makes it a juggernaut. It originates from Bordeaux, southern France. The males stand up to 25” tall and females stand up to 24” tall. They weigh usually around 120 pounds. Being a giant breed, most Bordeaux mastiffs live up to 6 years. However some of them easily outlive that tag. The dogs have a short fine coat. The coat comes in different variations of fawn, ranging from mahogany to red deer.


Like most large dog breeds, the Dog de Bordeaux has a rapid growth. To develop and maintain large, robust skeleton and powerful joints, the dogs need diets rich in minerals (calcium and phosphorus). Nevertheless, do not over feed Bordeaux mastiff. Being overweight exerts excessive pressure on its fragile frame. The French mastiff is prone to stomach issues. It is advisable to split your daily ration into two equal meals. Follow a rest period before and after each meal. The quantity and type of food of the French mastiff depends on its weight, age, health status and level of physical activity.


The Bordeaux mastiff is affectionate, loyal and comparably lethargic. It can be a great companion dog, especially for the families with children. They demand a lot of attention and companionship. Gear up for big licks in the face and getting crushed by the huge canine body when your furry friend snuggles at you. It has low or no tolerance to loneliness. The French mastiff sees separation as a form of punishment. He needs a dog owner is who frequently present and attentive. When the owner isn’t active, these dogs are authentic couch potatoes.


Courageous and instinctively protective of his family, the Bordeaux mastiff is an excellent watchdog. Inherently distrustful of strangers, they require socialization at a young age. Unless provoked, these dogs are good with other pets. The stubborn French mastiff demand firm hands at training. The dog owner must establish himself as the alpha. The dogs are receptive to tricks and treats. To stay in shape, the Bordeaux mastiffs require lots of space. They need least some moderate exercising every day. They badly need the training sessions where they can run and let off steam.


The Bordeaux mastiff requires almost no grooming. A rubber glove massage once in a while is enough to remove dead hair. In the unlikely case of shedding, cropping should be more frequent. Shedding and hair loss happens rarely in this breed. It is advisable to inspect the coat every time you walk your dog. Check for debris or pests which might have infiltrated. It is important to regularly clean the wrinkles on the face. A quick wipe deals with the dirt and moisture that sticks in and can cause skin infections. Besides skin infections, most other health problems of the breed, stems from obesity.