Things you must know about Dog de Bordeaux

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Dog de Bordeaux

Dog de Bordeaux is a rare breed. It is also dubbed as the French mastiff. It is one of the ancient breeds from France. It is a large breed that usually serves as a guard dog. Being a larger breed, it has a limited life span of 5-6 years. It outlives that tag pretty frequently.

Brief History

The ancient breed has been there before France was called France. They hold a reputation of being loyal and protective. They have historically guarded castles of the elite. It was known in southern France as early as 14th century.

Their timeline predates that of bull dog and bull mastiff. Sculptures suggest they should have been used in wolf bating. There are tons of theories around origins of this breed. From Neapolitan mastiff to Tibetan mastiff to Greek mastiff, links are drawn from everywhere.

American Kennel Group (AKC)

AKC ranks the French mastiff 63rd in overall popularity. They have listed the breed in working group. It was only since 2007, AKC is registering Bordeaux dogs. The dogs initially competed in miscellaneous class in dog shows and events.

Litter size

When it comes to breeding, the size of the litter depends on amount of weight, the mother gains. Normal female dogs account for a litter size of ten. If the female gained excessive weight, the litter size drops to even six. Usually the males weigh 150 lb. and females weigh 125 lb. Obesity is the root cause of most health problems in this breed.


Grooming isn’t very demanding in this breed. Their coat types match most short breeds. Weekly brushing should feel adequate. As the mastiff grows, the wrinkles on their face have to be tidied up. They look real posh when they are groomed. The Bollywood star, Salman Khan has two French mastiffs.


The dogs come in different shades of fawn. You can sometime see limited white patches on chest and limbs. Notice the body structure and eye color of the puppies. It gives away the authenticity of this breed. The shorter the muzzle, the easier it is for the dog to stay healthy.

The first thing you would notice is the largely disproportionate head. The massive head with bulldog style undershot jaw gives it a unique look. Their expressive eyes and furrowed brow makes them an irresistible breed. The adults are stocky and stay close to ground. Nevertheless they blitz like tigers when need be.

Behavior & Training

Bordeaux can be the perfect family pet. It needs to be socialized as soon as possible. Training should start at an early age. These dogs require proper amount of calcium, multi-vitamins and nutrients. This lovable breed is great with kids. There have been not many notable incidents of Bordeaux attacks.

Suitable spaces

It is good with larger spaces. If you live in an apartment, make sure you take it for walk, twice daily. Exercises should be part of the routine. Otherwise, they get lethargic and gain weight. It invites most health problems inherent to this breed.