How good is Bordeaux mastiff?

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Let’s see how good Bordeaux mastiff ranks across these five important parameters…


Dog de Bordeaux males can grow 60-68 cm and females grow 58-66 cm. They still look pretty low to the ground cause of their sheer size. They are athletic dogs when needed. Their large, broad head is what that gets your attention instantly. It has a serious and ferocious expression. The have a defined muzzle with such bite force. They have wrinkles around their eyes and face. The short neat coat comes in a range of shades of fawn. Though quality of appearance is subjective, we still like to give them 7 out of 10, for looks.


They pretty much get to their full size even before they are matured. Some of these mastiffs can take even 2 years to do that. These intimidating looking dogs are just babies. They are affectionate and fit perfectly in a family environment. Male dogs are little more dominant. Due to their imposing stature, they are bound to exert dominance on other pets. They are never overprotective of the family, unless need be. The usefulness of that trait can be experienced when you own these dogs. The French mastiffs are as nice as any dog breed. This gentle breed would score 10 out of 10, when it comes to temperament.


Dog de Bordeaux are guard dogs. It is only justified if we rate their performance with their guarding abilities. Protection is hardwired into the psyche and DNA of this breed. They have a liking to protect family and property. They were used to hunt larger games. Even worse, they were at a time used as fighting dogs. Enemy or burglar would have a hard time intruding your house. The fearless nature makes these beasts terrific at guarding duties. In terms of show performance, these dogs competed in miscellaneous class till 2007. As much as performance is concerned, we give the French mastiff, 10 out of 10. Because of their great temperament and ability to guard your house, we don’t recommend keeping them in a dog playpen at night. Let them roam the house. But if you’re insistent on having the best dog playpen, check out these dog playpen reviews from Dog Product Picker to find the best one.


Dog de Bordeaux are very quick to learn. On the flip side, they are swift at picking bad habits as well. Some serious training is required to keep things in line. You need a firm but gentle hands to teach them their place in the house. They long to please even the tiniest member of the family. Inherently they form a super strong bond with their owners. In terms of intelligence, we give them a rating of 8 out of 10.


With the right diet and proper housing, the average life expectancy rises to ten years. The health problems are indeed there. They are prone to hip dyslexia, breathing issues, skin diseases, heart problems, eye problems and hypothyroidism. With their shorter coat, they are more adept to most environments. Overheating is still an issue, if you are importing to tropical climates. You need to make sure the diet is rich in minerals and multi-vitamins. The dogs should have proper cover against harsh weather too. When it comes to health Bordeaux mastiff scores 7 out of 10.